Social Responsibility and Environment

The EBARA Group's Corporate Social Responsibility Policy aims to maintain a strong sense of ethics and promote the trust of stakeholders*, while contributing to society through business, acting as a practical guide to achieve our goals, regardless of the country, region or culture in which the EBARA Group companies are located.

The CSR Policy consists of two pillars:

1º PILAR: "Ethics: We conduct our business with a strong sense of ethics.".

1. Pride: we take pride in our role supporting society, industry and life.

2. Products and Services: We satisfy customers with inventive products and services.

3. Competition: We practice our business based on free and fair competition.

4. Environment: We play our part in improving the global environment.

2º PILAR: "Trust: We foster trust with our valued stakeholders*.".

5. Passion and Dedication: We pursue all activities with passion and dedication.

6. Human Rights and Diversity: we respect human rights and diversity above all else.

7. Disclosure: We develop mutual understanding with stakeholders through transparent and fair disclosure.

8. Work Environment: We sustain a safe workplace and strive for a stimulating work environment.

9. Communication: We utilize high-quality communication to be an industrial firm all stakeholders* take pride in.

* These five principles represent the various responsibilities that we must fulfill with our valued stakeholders, which include our customers, suppliers, shareholders and investors, local communities and employees.

Quality Policy and System

We at EBARA are committed to satisfy the needs of our customers, with products and services that meet specified requirements through process performance control, qualified employees and a healthy and safe work environment, based on continuous improvement and the quality system.

More than representing our certification, ISO 9001 seal reflects the commitment of the entire EBARA to continuously seek the satisfaction of our customers.

Since August 30, 1996, EBARA Brasil has been certified in accordance with the ABNT NBR ISO 9001: 2000 Standard. This means that our Quality System follows the steps that guarantee customer satisfaction: continuous improvement, involvement, employee qualification, human development and attention to the work environment. For our customers, it means reinforcing the reliability that we meet the standards and are concerned with the evolution and requirements of the market.
The path towards this achievement began in August 1996, when we received ISO 9002: 1994 certification, a great achievment for all of us at EBARA, since we were the first subsidiary of the EBARA Group outside Japan and the first in Brazil in the business of submersible pumps to achieve this.
The certification was granted by LLOYD'S REGISTER QUALITY ASSURANCE, with recognition from Inmetro (Brazil) and RAB (United States).

Customer Satisfaction
The focus of the EBARA Quality System is on customer satisfaction. It is seeking for it that motivates everyone's work here. And to measure the result of our efforts, we carry out the Customer Satisfaction Survey annually, because we want to hear from them to guide our activities. The objective of the research is to give a voice to those who can best evaluate our work.
The opinion of customers is, for us, the basis of continuous improvement, which is why we are always available to receive suggestions and comments on our products and services.

The EBARA Quality System also manages the company's technical and institutional information, controlling all of EBARA's disclosure documents. Please find attached the main list of catalogs, verifying the revision date and keep updated.