Ebara Way
Integrity Program

The EBARA Group strives to act as a good corporate citizen that earns the trust of stakeholders. For this reason, the “EBARA Way” and the EBARA Group Code of Conduct are shared among all employees to form a common identity and set of values. With this as the foundation, it is our basic policy to practice legal compliance along with faithful adherence to internal rules, social norms, and common sense and to act with good intentions and integrity.

Our Risk Management Guidelines, which are based on the principle of spreading compliance awareness, guide us in creating systems for detecting risks and preventing their actualization and in establishing comfortable and open workplace environments.

Code of Conduct

The Ebara Group Code of Conduct sets the standard for directors and employees of the Ebara Group to exercise sound judgment, carry out their work, and take responsibility for their actions in compliance with laws and internal regulations, always maintaining a high standard of ethics and pride.

The spirit of “Netsu to Makoto” (Passion and Dedication) as expressed by our founder, Issey Hatakeyama, guides our everyday conduct. It states that employees should not merely perform the tasks assigned to them, but approach the work with full investment of their creativity and ingenuity, and carry out the tasks in all sincerity and integrity. This spirit also asserts that while collaborating with others, genuine passion and dedication will always be recognized and valued.      

Embracing our founder’s ideals, we proudly strive to fulfill the Ebara Group mission to make contributions throughout society with our state-of-the-art technologies, products, and services. 

In carrying out our work, we check our conduct against the five basic principles for action

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Anti-Corruption Regulation

The Ebara Bombas América do Sul Ltda. (EBAS) is committed not only to meet the requirements of the laws and regulations applicable to their business, but also to adopt the highest standard of integrity and ethics in their activities, seeking to combat and prevent all forms of corruption, be it public or private.

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Anti-Corruption Policy

EBARA Bombas América do Sul Ltda. (EBAS) establishes through this policy that directors and employees must strive to avoid corruption related to EBARA's business, in addition to emphasizing the company's responsibility in adopting voluntary and preventive measures against corruption, with the objective of promoting good business development.


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Whistleblowing Hotlines Policy

The EBARA Bombas América do Sul Ltda. (EBAS), seeking transparency and respect of all employees for Code of Ethics (Ebara Group Code of Conduct), establishes the Complaints Policy, which aims to receive complaints about possible misconduct and/or illicit in our work environment.

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Internal Control Policy

EBARA Bombas América do Sul Ltda. (EBAS) establishes the principles of the Company, as a Ebara Group Member, to promote internal controls and seek appropriate internal control system projects and operations with the main objective of ensuring compliance according to the laws and regulations, promoting the effectiveness and efficiency of business operations and improve the financial reporting reliability.

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Internal Audit Statute

Ebara Bombas América do Sul Ltda (EBAS), aiming to improve management and operation reliability, establishes this Internal Audit Statue, which regulates the activity of the Department of Internal Audit within EBAS.

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Integration and Refresher Trainings

Integration training is carried out to the new employees in the first day of work and a refresher training is conducted to everyone once a year, in order to review the subjects addressed before in the integration training and also as a way to disseminate new EBARA Corporation content related to the mission, vision and values of EBAS that may came out in the meantime.