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We have the complete materials for pump selection, product consultation and prices. And also the Curves catalog of all the pumps manufactured. 

Pump Selector System

Click on the image to download the Pump Selection Program, it is zipped and must be unzipped. Usage information follows in the zip file.

Warranty Certificate
EBARA Warranty Certificate
0.28 MB
Products Catalog
THEBE Products General Catalog
25.98 MB
General Catalog_CC EBARA 018-05-19
7.45 MB
Serial Catalog 2022
21.53 MB
Selection Catalog Line B CT 255-06-20
8.54 MB
Technical Catalog DL_DSC4_DG_CT 247-10-20
8.59 MB
General catalog Booster CC 021-05-13
1.20 MB
Motor OM6A
0.92 MB
GS/GSD Model Instruction Manual
2.37 MB
EBARA Standardized Centrifugal Pump Model TH Series Instruction Manual
1.99 MB
DL 332-03-20 multi voltage DL manual
1.65 MB
DWVGA CT 780-11-20 manual
1.03 MB
Installation and warranty manual 2.5BPS CT 777-12-20
1.68 MB
Installation and warranty manual 3BPS CT 684-12-20
1.80 MB
Installation and warranty manual CT 030-11-20
1.74 MB
Installation and warranty manual Ecaros CT 766-11-20
9.99 MB
OM4A Trilingual CT 729-12-20 Instruction Manual
1.92 MB
Manual_DGBR_CT 299-03-15
0.81 MB
Manual_DSC4_CT 264-11-18
1.75 MB
Manual_DS-DN CT 333-02-15
1.02 MB
MANUAL_DVS CT 334-02-19
0.77 MB
Product Folders
Folder SKID NFPA-20
1.54 MB
Tractorized Pumps Folder
34.48 MB
Folder Irrigation 2022
6.23 MB