Privacy Policy



The company Ebara Bombas América do Sul Ltda . (hereinafter “EBARA ”, “we”, “us” or “our” ) is pleased to receive your visit on our website, and respecting the privacy of all users , this policy is presented privacy policy , a document which will explain to all users how their personal data will be treated when accessing our website .

Points out that our privacy policy has the purpose of demonstrating how and why the collection, stores and treatment of personal data , information in which personal data will be collected, and how they are collected, among other information made available during the privacy policy.


It is considered in this term:

Personal data: according to the General Data Protection Law, personal data refers to information related to an identified or identifiable natural person, that is, all information related to a natural person who can identify him.

Privacy Policy : refers to specific information gathering, storage and data protection person is d and our users to access the site of EBAS .

User: Anyone who accesses the website


1 - We are committed to your privacy

This Privacy Policy contains information on the collection, use, storage, treatment and protection of the personal data of users who access the website with the purpose of demonstrating absolute transparency regarding the privacy of users, clarifying the types of data that are collected, the reasons for the collection, and how users can manage or delete their personal information.

This Privacy Policy applies to all users and visitors to the website , integrating the General Terms and Conditions of Use, of the company Ebara Bombas América do Sul Ltda. duly registered with CNPJ under number 46.138.319 / 0001-89 , with its parent company located at Rua Joaquim Marques de Figueiredo, nº 2-31, Distrito Industrial Domingos Biancardi , in the city of Bauru - SP .

This document was prepared in accordance with Law No. 13,709 of August 14, 2018 - General Law for the Protection of Personal Data , Law No. 12,965 of April 23, 2014 - Marco Civil da Internet , and Law No. 8,078 of September 11, 1990 - Consumer Protection Code.

It is noteworthy that the document presented here, called “Privacy Policy”, may be modified as a result of any update and / or alteration or even enactment of new legislation, as well as alteration of our internal policy, which is why the user is invited to consult this section periodically.

The nullity of any clause by force of law will not affect the execution of the others.


2 - Form of collection and processing of personal data

The personal user data are interferon harvested after your consent to the Privacy Policy , in its access, at the time the user through and its interaction with the site provides information , either or form filling directly on the site, as also through keywords used in a search, or even sharing a specific document, comments, page views and profiles . It is certain that the URL from which the user comes from , the browser they use and their access IP ' s , among others , can be stored and retained.

Another way of obtaining data, occurs when it receives third-party data, such as for example Google Facebook or any other social media, which occurs when the user performs the login to one’s profile on the platforms . The use of this data is previously authorized by users with the third party in question.

We never and in no event will send e-mail or text messages through any applications and / or social networks, requiring information regarding any password, or with the purpose of collecting any information. If you receive this e-mail and / or message , send it to us using our communication channel, provided in item 8 of this term, so that we can take the appropriate measures, and also investigate .


3 - The purpose of data collection

Personal data will be collected by us in order to ensure the best user experience, always with the purpose of providing product information, security updates, as well as accurate communication in order to serve the user.

Providing the well being, improving the dissemination of our products, facilitating, streaming and sticking with the commitments made with the user, seeking always to improve the user experience, providing features specific to rely on the basic features of user.

The personal data of the user and visitor collected can be used to create a registration, as requested by the user, through the provision of e-mail, full name, address, telephone number, as well as to optimize navigation , such as for example access to pages, keywords used in the search, recommendations, comments, interaction with other profiles and users, followed profiles, IP address , which can be sent to the email registered by the user if he chooses to receive, news, disseminate new ones products, various information related to our products and services , among others, in the form of a newsletter known as "Newsletter ", being certain that the email registered by the visitor who chooses to subscribe to the " Newsletter " will be collected and stored until the user requests to unsubscribe.

We seek to also provide personalized ads to the user based on the data provided, customizing content offered , generating benefits to the site, always aiming to improve r the quality in the operation of services.

The data may also be collected for the automated processing of personal data , so that it can be evaluated on its use on the website.

The registration data may be used to allow the user to access certain content on the platform.

It is important to note that the user, through this policy, is aware of the use of the data collected on this website, and that such data as exposed and determined in this policy will be used by us.

The processing of personal data for purposes not provided for in this Privacy Policy will only occur upon prior notification to the user, so that the rights and obligations provided herein will remain applicable.


4 - Data storage

The user's personal data are stored by the website for the period necessary for the provision of the service or the fulfillment of the purposes set out in this document, in accordance with the provisions of item I of the article 15 of Law 13.709 / 18[1] .

For the discretion of the user, if it is stated that it wishes not to provide the personal data mentioned in this term, it may freely choose not to access the site.

Furthermore, users' personal data can only be kept after the end of their treatment in the cases provided for in Article 16 of Law 13.709 / 18[2] :


[1] Art. 15. The termination of the processing of personal data will occur in the following cases:

I - verification that the purpose has been achieved or that the data are no longer necessary or relevant to the achievement of the specific purpose sought;

[2] Art. 16. Personal data will be deleted after the end of its treatment, within the scope and technical limits of the activities, with conservation authorized for the following purposes:

I - compliance with legal or regulatory obligations by the controller;

II - study by a research body, guaranteeing, whenever possible, the anonymization of personal data;

III - transfer to a third party, provided that the data processing requirements provided for in this Law are respected; or

IV - exclusive use of the controller, access by a third party is prohibited, and provided the data is anonymized.


5 - Commitment to the security of stored data

We are committed to the application of technical and organizational measures able to protect personal data from unauthorized access and situations of destruction, loss, alteration, communication or dissemination of such data.

This Privacy Policy in disclaims the responsibility objective, that is, by exclusive fault of a third party, which is , without our participation in occurred, where it occurred attack from hackers or crackers, or unique user fault, in case s in which the user himself transfers his data to third parties , being certain that, even with all the mechanisms and procedures, applied by us in order to provide security in the storage of the information , the transmission of information by the Internet is not totally secure, not being possible guarantee the transmission of information with 100% effectiveness , to the detriment of the external factors mentioned here. In these cases, we will mobilize all efforts in order to minimize the impacts, communicating whenever possible to the user, in case of any security breach related to your personal data.

The stored personal data are treated with confidentiality, within the legal limits. However, we may re- disclose your personal information if we are required by law to do so or if you violate our privacy policy.

It is essential that the user also self-respecting the security of your data by preventing unauthorized access to your account and Personal Information by selecting and protecting your password s appropriately and limiting access to your computer or device and browser, as well as disconnecting after finish accessing your account. The information you share in public areas can be viewed by other users.   


6 - Transfer of data to third parties

EBARA, in commitment to the security of the data provided by the user, only signs a contract with service providers that comply with the current legislation related to data protection, including the Civil Framework of the Internet, Consumer Protection Code, General Law of Data Protection, like any other that provides the protection of personal data, such suppliers being carefully selected by us to meet demands such as, but not limited to sales and marketing services, programming, data hosting, among others , being signed with all providers a commitment to confidentiality, as well as an obligation to comply with all legal requirements for information security , as detailed in this policy.

With the exception of the above, it will only be shared with third parties upon express, free and declared consent by the user, or by law, in the case of judicial summons, and / or by competent official bodies through formal summons. It is certain that, when reading this policy, the user freely consents to the sharing of data with third parties, as explained in this policy.


7 - Cookies or navigation data

Cookies refer to text files sent by the platform to the user's computer and which are stored there, with information related to navigation on the website. Such information is related to access data such as location and access time and is stored by the user and visitor's browser so that the platform server can read it later in order to personalize the platform's services.

The platform user expresses knowledge and acceptance that a navigation data collection system can be used through the use of cookies.

The persistent cookie remains on the user and visitor's hard drive after the browser is closed and will be used by the browser on subsequent visits to the website. Persistent cookies can be removed by following your browser's instructions. The session cookie is temporary and disappears after the browser is closed. It is possible to reset your web browser to refuse all cookies, however some features of the platform may not work properly if the ability to accept cookies is disabled.

We will use Google Analytics , as will our service providers. These service providers may include their own cookies in your browser.

We may also use Google Adsense advertising, or even another search tool for advertising on the display network, such action will be delimited by Google's advertising principles , and will be inserted in order to provide the user with a better experience.

We will also use Google Maps, which may, among other functions, request access to your geolocation.

It is true that our privacy policy covers only the cookies used by us.


8 - Communication and user rights

The user, by signing up, manifests know and can exercise their rights to cancel the registration, request update your personal data and ensures the veracity of the information he provided , as well as the user has the right to withdraw their consent at any time .

We inform, through this term , that the user has the right to request any information in relation to his personal data provided .

The user agrees that the communication channel for any requests will be through the email .

It should be noted that we will be able to keep the user's personal data stored subject to a legal obligation of retention, according to legal requirements, as soon as said data are no longer required by law, they will be deleted from our servers.


9 - Express user consent

When accessing our website, the user will instantly provide his data, as demonstrated in this policy, and the user, when consenting to the terms of this Privacy Policy, and consequently accessing our website, authorizes us to use the respective data, being certain that, they will be used within the limits imposed by this privacy policy.

If the user does not agree with EBARA's policies, or even does not express his consent to the provision of personal data, he must always choose not to access our website, since it is expressly informed to the user that access to our website will lead to supply of data, being our commitment to use the respective data in accordance with the pertinent legislation and, with emphasis on what is related to data protection, limited to what remains exposed in this policy.

User data , collected by means other than access to our website , whether through business dealings, filling out physical forms, negotiations, payments, exchanging e-mails, among others, will not be covered by this policy. privacy, with the exception of data collected outside access to the website combined with data through user access to the website, in this case, this data privacy policy will be applied.

In the event of a merger, spin-off or incorporation, as well as the acquisition of other companies, restructuring, reorganization, dissolution, sale or transfer of some or all of our assets, the user consents to our disclosure of his personal information to the successor, being certain that , the personal information maintained by us about the users of our website will be among the assets transferred. In this case, the user expresses agreement, consent, and does not object to the transmission or transfer (whether by contract, merger or operation of law), of his personal information, with or without prior notice and without the need for additional consent.


10 - Possibility to change the Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to modify this Privacy Policy at any time, so it is recommended that you review it frequently.

The changes and clarifications will take effect immediately after their publication on the website.

When changes are made, users accessing the website will check the change notice, and the user should check the change made, since he has already consented to the privacy policy on the first access.

The continued use of the website after the publication of the revised Terms means that the user accepts and agrees with the respective changes.


11 - Under 18 (eighteen) years old

We do not limit access to the site to minors under 18 (eighteen) years, since there is no content restricted for age reasons, nor is it our intention to obtain personal data from minors under 18 (eighteen) years, since, the purpose of the website is to promote its products to meet the user's needs, as well as to provide information about the products available for sale and service to the user when requested. If such data is entered by children under 18 (eighteen) years of age, their legal representative may contact us, according to the email informed in item 8 in order to rectify, modify or remove such data.


12 - Controversies

For the settlement of disputes arising from this instrument, Brazilian law will be fully applied.Any disputes must be presented in the jurisdiction of the region in which the user is.