Mission and values
Mission and vision


We contribute to Society through high-quality technologies and services relating to water, air and the environment.



Looking at the EBARA Group's next 100 years, we aspire to become an industrial machinery manufacturer that grows and develops its business on a global scale, while remaining committed to undertaking “unlimited challenges towards growth”.

Mission and values

The EBARA Way offers to the employees and to the Ebara Group companies something to believe in and benefits us in several ways. To do this, we must always keep in mind the following values:

  • Mutual respect between employees and between companies worldwide;
  • Cooperation with co-workers and trusting each other to do a good job;
  • Harmoniously share the paths towards the goals;
  • Constructive and productive discussions to generate better results;
  • High quality communication through clear speech and sincere listening;
  • Diversity of employees from different regions and countries helping and growing together.

In other words, the EBARA Way provides the basis and puts all employees and companies of the Ebara Group in a unique way, allowing us to continuously improve.