EBARA Brasil, then called EBARA Indústrias Mecânica e Comércio Ltda. (EIMCO) is located in the city of Bauru in the state of São Paulo, since 1975. In Brazil, EIMCO produces a complete range of submerged motor pumps for deep wells, submersible pumps for sewage and drainage, centrifugal pumps including the focused pressurization system in the civil construction segment in addition to control panels and accessories.

EIMCO is part of the EBARA Group, thus a subsidiary of EBARA CORPORATION, a Japanese company and one of the world leaders in the supply of pumps and equipment related to fluid systems. We were the first industrial plant created outside of Japan and we have the largest line of products in the business, with emphasis on the line of explosion-proof submersible electric motors for sewage pumps, which are exported to the USA, in addition to sewage repression kits manufactured for the Asian market.

Built using Japanese technology, EBARA submerged pumps and motors are recognized as equipment of the highest quality and reliability, which are constantly being improved to suit the requirements of the national and international market, factors that made us also the first factory of the EBARA Group, outside of Japan, and the first in the submerged pump segment in Brazil, to receive ISO 9002: 1994 certification on August 30, 1996 and since March 2003 our Quality System has been certified with ISO 9001: 2000.

In December 2015, through EIMCO’s company, the EBARA Group acquired the company Thebe Bombas Hidráulicas Ltda, located in the city of Vargem Grande do Sul, in the state of São Paulo, a Brazilian company, active in the segment of superficial centrifugal pumps and foundry, which allowed us to further increase our product range in the Brazilian market.

In September 2018, the companies EIMCO and THEBE merged, forming the current EBARA Bombas América do Sul Ltda (EBAS), transforming them into a single company, which together are able to accelerate the expansion of the EBARA Group's business in the South American motor pumps market, expanding the portfolio with EBARA and Thebe products, optimizing not only productive capacity, but also its distribution and service network.

Currently, EBAS has approximately 900 direct employees and with regard to the built area, in Motor Pump Unit in Bauru there are 7.942m² within a total area of 26,155m² and in the Vargem Grande do Sul units, the Motor Pump and Foundry divisions total more than 25,000 m².

In these units are concentrated production, administration, sales, marketing, biding, engineering and projects and technical assistance. And in search of greater proximity between the manufacturer and the end customer, EBAS has branches with a warehouse and business office in the North, Northeast, Midwest and Southeast regions of the country, performing in the latter still the foreign trade operations.

Through the excellence of its services, EBAS has achieved a prominent position in the national market, creating efficient solutions that meet the needs of its customers from the first contact to equipment delivery.