Antenna Shop

Opening of the first ANTENNA SHOP in Brazil

EBARA Bombas América do Sul Ltda. (EBAS) opened on April 22, 2020 its first ANTENNA SHOP in the country. Located in Vargem Grande do Sul (VGS), northeastern region of the State of São Paulo, a store managed directly by the factory.


EBAS sells hydraulic pumps through its resale network of approximately 5,000 stores (agricultural machines and supplements, construction materials, pipes, home centers, etc.) in partnerships and strategically located throughout the national territory. In Brazil, recently, e-commerce has also been developing rapidly on the part of resellers.
The vast Brazilian territory and this capillarized and indirect marketing, often causes a certain distance to arise between the manufacturer and the end user of the pump. In order to narrow this distance, Ebara inaugurates the Antenna Shop. One of the measures of E-Plan2022 (Ebara's Medium Term Business Plan) is to expand our business, reinforcing the launch of new products and optimizing services that meet the local and regional needs of our customers. We will promote direct communication with our customers and listen to their product and technical assistance needs. At the same time, Antenna Shop will have the functions of SHOW ROOM, where the main products and the latest launches of the company will be exposed.


In the 80 m² store, around 150 of the 2,000 products sold by EBAS will be on display, including the bestsellers - TH-16 mono-stage pumps, the P-11 multistage pumps, THSI-18 fire fighting, as well as new products. - Écaros solar system and TSL and GS pumps.
The Antenna Shop will also serve as a service channel for technical consultations on projects for irrigation systems, fire fighting, building and industrial supplies, as well as support for pump repairs.
All 250 employees of the VGS plant will be scheduled once a year to serve the public at the Antenna Shop. Employees will improve their product knowledge, sales support and technology involved in pumps. They will personally experience this experience, becoming aware of what each employee can do best in their daily work so that EBARA can optimize the service to our dealerships and to the end user of pumps throughout Brazil.


The voices of the visitors will be used to reflect on the improvements of the existing products, and also for the development of new equipment to be launched. The results of these improvements will be displayed in the Antenna Shop in the future. We will offer technical assistance directly from the factory for a quick solution to the needs of our local customers. We will promote our brand through the Antenna Shop, where it will enable physical visualization and direct contact with the quality of our products and service excellence. Values ​​that are often more difficult to transmit in an e-commerce sale. We will strengthen the relationship with our customers, always focusing on the contribution to society by the Ebara group.


We will open the Antenna Shop in accordance with state decree 64.864-2020, taking the security measures of the Ministry of Health such as the use of protective masks, supply of 70% gel alcohol and distances in order to avoid crowds, in order to protect our customers and employees .

* EBARA Bombas América do Sul Ltda. (EBAS) is a company consolidated by Ebara Industrias Mecânica e Comerciais Ltda. (EIMCO), founded in 1975 as the first foreign subsidiary of EBARA CORPORATION, Japan. Thebe Bombas Hidráulicas SA (THEBE), manufacturer of surface and submerged pumps in Vargem Grande do Sul founded in 1946, was acquired by EBARA in 2015, and incorporated as EBAS in 2018. It has two factories in VGS, one pump factory and one foundry.