GST - 50 Series

Single-stage Centrifugal Pump (Performance of the Normalized GS series 50) - Tractorized with multiplier, cardan and base - Designed for tractor PTO - Rotation II Poles, 60Hz, 3500rpm - Flange nozzles according to ANSI B16.1 standard (accompanies against flange for BSP thread), Suction 2.1 / 2 "" x Settlement 2 "". Used for clean water up to 70ºC (higher temperatures, see options). Maximum Flow: 142.0m³ / h - Minimum Flow: 34.8m³ / h; Maximum Pressure: 120.6mca - Minimum Pressure: 48.0mca.

Cardain Coupling
Tractor version: comes with cardan, gearbox and base. Product designed for installation on the tractor PTO
Agriculture / Irrigation
Use in irrigation, water transfer to reservoirs, farms, farms, drinking fountains.

• GG-25 cast iron Casing.
• GG-25 cast iron Impeller.
• GG-25 cast iron support.
• Bronze wear rings.
• O-ring for sealing the Casing in Buna N.
• Mechanical seal: Graphite and ceramic faces.
• Spring in 304 stainless steel and elastomer (rubber) in Buna N.

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  • Maximum Pressure 120,6 mca
  • Maximum Flow 142,0 m³/h
  • Minimum Flow 34,8 m³/h
  • Minimum Pressure 48,0 mca

  • • Flange nozzles according to DIN EN 1092-2 / 97.
    • Nodular Iron rotor (GGG-40).
    • Bronze rotor. < br />
    • Special sealing of the Mechanical Seal / O'ring Ring through elastomers (rubbers) in Viton or EPDM and "faces" in Silicon Carbide or Tungsten.