Acqua Plus
The EBARA Acquaplus Pressurization Systems are composed of vertical “In-Line” pumps, with internals in AISI 304 stainless steel, whose control, developed by EBARA, seeks to keep the system pressure constant even with the variation of water consumption. This control is basically composed of a frequency inverter, mounted on the control panel and provided with all the necessary accessories for the operation.
• Fluid temperature: -30 to 140 ° C
• Voltage: 220 / 380V (other voltages on request)
• Phases: 3
• Frequency: 60Hz
• Motor power: 0.5 to 50 hp
• Pump model: EVMS or EVM
• Control system: Inverter integrated into the control panel
• Operation mode: Cascade (pumps operating in parallel).
• Maximum flow: 102 m³ / h (1 pump) - 204 m³ / h (2 pump) - 306 m³ / h (3 pump) - 408 m³ / h (4 pump)
• Maximum pressure: 300 mca
Air Conditioner
Use in air conditioning systems that use water for cooling.
Pressurization for steam production.
Industries / Processes
Circulation, Filtration, Operating Machines, Utilities, Induction Furnaces, Painting Booth.
Pressurization systems
Pressurization through pressure switches and frequency inverters.
Washing systems
Nozzle pressurization for washing in general.

• Shaft seal: Mechanical seal.
• Pump parts in contact with the fluid in AISI 304.
• Silicon / Graphite / FPM mechanical seal.
• AISI 304 motor shaft.
• Cast iron motor support and pump base.
• EPDM O’ring rings.
• Structural base in carbon steel with electrostatic painting.
• Galvanized steel connections.
• Brass check valve.
• Chromed brass isolating valve.
• Suction and discharge manifold in carbon steel.
• Expansion vessel in carbon steel and EPDM membrane. All materials mentioned have options for special applications.
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