Automatic pressure controller, needs to be installed / threaded in the pump discharge with single-phase motors up to 3.0hp at 220V or up to 1.0hp at 127V for pressurizing homes, civil construction and equipment in general compatible with the characteristics of the product. It has the following CHARACTERISTICS: Automatically turns on / off; Built-in check valve; Absence of expansion vessel; Digital display; Self-adjusting system pressure according to each pump; It does not need parameterization; Protection against dry work; Protection against tension and pressure; Automatic reclosing; System against pump locking, due to the equipment being activated after a long period of use. Used for clean water up to a temperature of 40ºC with a maximum flow of 5m³ / h and a maximum pressure of 90mca. NOTE: The pump model to be used must be consistent with the design data in which it will be installed. " "Peripheral Solar Pump with Mono-Stage Permanent Magnet Motor - Monoblock - Direct Current Motor with external ventilation for 540W power - Nozzles with BSP thread, Suction 1" "x Pressure 1" ". Used for clean water up to 70ºC. Maximum Flow: 2.3m³ / h - Minimum Flow: 0.1m³ / h; Maximum Pressure: 54.5mca - Minimum Pressure: 2.0mca. NOTE: - Direct connection to solar panels; - Integrated internal controller (no external controller required). - Suggested 2 (two) solar panels with power of 330W each connected in series. - Internal electronic controller with MPPT function. - Maximum voltage

Pressurization systems
Pressurization through pressure switches and frequency inverters.

• Cast iron Casing and intermediary with anti-lock protection.
• Bronze Impeller.
• Stainless steel shaft end (prevents premature corrosion).
• Casing sealing O'ring ring in Buna N.
• Mechanical seal: Graphite and ceramic faces.
• Spring in 304 stainless steel and elastomer (rubber) in Buna N.

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