Single Phase Submersible Vibrating Pump for wells from 7" "- 450W power with insulation class H - Single Voltage - Booster nozzle for 1" "" hose. Used for clean water up to a temperature of 35ºC. Semiartesian and artesian wells from 7 "". Maximum Flow: 2.3m³ / h - Minimum Flow: 0.6m³ / h; Maximum Pressure: 70.0mca - Minimum Pressure: 1.0mca. 3 meters of cable and Installation Kit (3 clamps and support curve) included

Semiartesian and Artesian wells
Groundwater discharge, water tables, cisterns (check minimum diameters and need for a flow jacket).
Supply of reservoirs / water tanks, cisterns, pressurization of gardens.

• Diameter of 165mm.
• Aluminum Casing.
• Stainless steel fixing screws (do not rust).

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  • Maximum Pressure 70,0 mca
  • Maximum Flow 2,3 m³/h
  • Minimum Flow 0,6 m³/h
  • Minimum Pressure 1,0 mca