4BPS 2i/f
4 "Submerged Centrifugal Pump The Ebara 4BPS pumps were designed to be coupled to motors built with NEMA coupling standard. Motors available in OP4, OM4A, 4WP, M4P2 and M4P7 models.
Agriculture / Irrigation
Use in irrigation, water transfer to reservoirs, farms, farms, drinking fountains.
Industries / Processes
Circulation, Filtration, Operating Machines, Utilities, Induction Furnaces, Painting Booth.
Semiartesian and Artesian wells
Groundwater discharge, water tables, cisterns (check minimum diameters and need for a flow jacket).
Supply of reservoirs / water tanks, cisterns, pressurization of gardens.
Pressurization systems
Pressurization through pressure switches and frequency inverters.
• External tube, stage body, suction body, coupling sleeve and stainless steel shaft.
• Technopolymer Impellers and diffusers for greater resistance to abrasion.
• Designed Impellers in order to reduce the axial load, increasing the life of the motor.
• Valve body 4BPS 2f in cast iron with anticorrosive coating, 4BPS 2i in stainless steel.
• BSP female thread 1 1/2
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  • Maximum Pressure 288,2 mca
  • Maximum Flow 2,4 m³/h
  • Minimum Flow 0,6 m³/h
  • Minimum Pressure 17,3 mca