4BPLi 1
Multistage submersible pump, maximum diameter 97mm, with a standard 1.1/4" BSP output, coupled with a 60Hz, 2-pole, rewindable, oil-lubricated electric motor with a NEMA coupling. Available in motor models: OM4A, 4WP and M4P2 (rewindable in carbon steel or stainless steel).
Public water supply
Pressurization of public water distribution networks.
Agriculture / Irrigation
Use in irrigation, water transfer to reservoirs, farms, farms, drinking fountains.
Drainage of Wastewater and Rainwater
Depletion of reservoirs, wells, basements, floods.
Industries / Processes
Circulation, Filtration, Operating Machines, Utilities, Induction Furnaces, Painting Booth.
Semiartesian and Artesian wells
Groundwater discharge, water tables, cisterns (check minimum diameters and need for a flow jacket).
Supply of reservoirs / water tanks, cisterns, pressurization of gardens.
Pressurization systems
Pressurization through pressure switches and frequency inverters.
• Outer tube, coupling sleeve, cable protection, rings and stainless steel shaft.
• Rotors, diffusers and stages in technopolymer.
• Stainless steel valve body and suction body.
• Floating rotors designed to increase assembly life.
• BSP 1.1/4" female thread.