GS/GSD - Série 200

Single-stage Standard Pump - Monoblock (GSD) or Bare Shaft (GS) - According to Dimensional standard EN733 - Single-phase or three-phase motor in II Poles, 60Hz, 3500rpm or IV Poles, 60Hz, 1750rpm - Flange nozzles according to ANSI B16.1 standard, Suction 250mm x 200mm Discharge
Used for clean water up to 70ºC (for higher temperatures, see options).
Maximum Flow: 1575,9m³ / h - Minimum Flow: 647.2m³ / h;
Maximum Pressure: 142.5mca - Minimum Pressure: 55.0mca. 

Public water supply
Pressurization of public water distribution networks.
Agriculture / Irrigation
Use in irrigation, water transfer to reservoirs, farms, farms, drinking fountains.
Air Conditioner
Use in air conditioning systems that use water for cooling.
Fire Fighting
Pressurization of Hydrants, Showers, Splinkers / Jockey Pump - Keep the network pressurized.
Use in construction / building in general.
Industries / Processes
Circulation, Filtration, Operating Machines, Utilities, Induction Furnaces, Painting Booth.
Pumping water from the sanitation process (check compatibility of materials, diameter of solids and proportion of the model).
Cooling systems
Pressurization of machines for refrigating liquids (check material compatibility).

• GG-25 cast iron case
• GG-25 cast iron impeller
• GG-25 cast iron support.
• Bronze wear rings.
• O-ring for sealing the case in Buna N.
• Graflex gaskets.

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  • Maximum Flow 1575,9 m³/h
  • Maximum Pressure 142,5 mca
  • Minimum Flow 647,2 m³/h
  • Minimum Pressure 55,0 mca
  • • Flange nozzles according to DIN EN 1092-2 / 97.
    • Supplied with ANSI B16.1 or DIN EN 1092-2 / 97 flanges with BSP thread or NPT.
    • Whole Nodular Iron Pump (GGG-40).
    • Nodular Iron Impeller (GGG-40).
    • Bronze Impeller.
    • Special gasket Mechanical Seal / O'ring Ring through elastomers (rubbers) in Viton or EPDM and "faces" in Silicon or Tungsten Carbide.
    • Assembly with explosion-proof motor.
    • Assembly Bearing x Base x Elastic Glove.
    • Munsell red paint for fire fighting.