• Sets of 4"
• High strength and durability
• Great cost-benefit ratio
• Ideal for collecting mineral water and adverse conditions
• High performance
• 4 ”motors up to 10HP
• Sealing by retainer or mechanical seal
• Greater robustness:
• Shortest Direction of Rotation: counterclockwise.
Public water supply
Pressurization of public water distribution networks.
Agriculture / Irrigation
Use in irrigation, water transfer to reservoirs, farms, farms, drinking fountains.
Drainage of Wastewater and Rainwater
Depletion of reservoirs, wells, basements, floods.
Industries / Processes
Circulation, Filtration, Operating Machines, Utilities, Induction Furnaces, Painting Booth.
Semiartesian and Artesian wells
Groundwater discharge, water tables, cisterns (check minimum diameters and need for a flow jacket).
Pressurization systems
Pressurization through pressure switches and frequency inverters.

• Pumps made entirely of stainless steel.
• Available with 4 ”stainless steel motors.
• Standard NEMA coupling for BHSS.
  • Technical Information
  • Documentation
  • Maximum Pressure 255,0 mca
  • Maximum Flow 12,0 m³/h
  • Minimum Flow 4,8 m³/h
  • Minimum Pressure 32,0 mca